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Limited Edition Forgeworld Model


Games Workshop: Ventura Village
5722 Telephone Rd, Ste 14-B 93003 Ventura United States
Hey everyone. I wanted to pass on some more info about the Limited Edition Forge World model we will be selling the weekend of June 25th & 26th.

- This model is a GW Store exclusive and will not be available through the Web Store and will not have a pre-order date.

- Available, while supplies last, for the weekend of the 25th & 26th of June only. When they are gone, they are gone.

- It will Retail for $40.

- First come, first served. 1 per Customer on Saturday. If any are left on Sunday, they are all available for purchase.

- Rules are included in the pack to include this model in your games of Horus Heresy.

- This is a highly detailed Forge World miniature and requires advanced modeling skills to prepare and assemble. As such this model is only available for purchase to Hobbyists age 15+.